Friday, June 3, 2011

finally some content!

So I failed horribly at BEDA. I had to focus more on school (calculus was killer!) but I'm back and with content! So if you couldn't tell by the blog layout/title/etc, I'm a pretty huge Phoenix fanboy. As such, I raged HARD at x-men 3, and so I took it upon myself to rewrite it, giving the Phoenix saga a true representation in film. Without further ado, here is the story, in outline form:

  • -         Opens with a paragraph about alkali lake finally having movement after it and the area around it has been completely still since the dam burst and jean sacrificed herself.
  • -         Scene changes to a danger room session. Professor berates Cyclops for keeping everyone up so late and working so hard. They all go to bed
  • -          Scott “dreams” about jean calling out to him. His glasses break from the intensity of his eye beams, and he destroys a wall.
  • -          Prof comes and investigates, then gets Scott a new pair.
  • -          Scott trains all day the next day. Storm chastises him and says that everyone lost jean too.
  • -          Scott goes to bed and “dreams” the same thing again.
  • -          He goes to alkali lake on a hunch, despite the professor saying not to.
  • -          Scott witnesses Jean erupting from the water and takes her home.
  • -          Meanwhile, the military (S.H.I.E.L.D.) plans to strike the x-men using the cure, under the excuse to bring them in for questioning about the destruction of the dam. Trask wants to use the sentinels.
  • -          Jean returns, and everyone is happy. She feels a bit out of place.
  • -          X-men have a danger room training session. Jean displays incredible telekinesis and telepathy. No phoenix fire yet
  • -          S.H.I.E.L.D. deploys its strike team. They attack the students. Jean throws them out with telekinesis. Jean walks out and demands that they leave. Then, when one nervous soldier shoots at a child, Phoenix takes over and atomizes them all.
  • -          Phoenix goes to right mutant wrongs, like destroying ships carrying mutant slaves and destroying Worthington Labs headquarters, and murdering Worthington II, for authorizing the creation and use of the cure.
  • -          Emma finds Jean after the labs and uses her empathy powers to comfort the Phoenix and get Jean to go with her .
  • -          S.H.I.E.L.D finds out the squad was murdered, and Nick Fury personally goes to the mansion to find out what happened
  • -          Scene changes to Pyro bringing Magneto a newspaper that tells about Phoenix’s doings. Magneto realizes what’s going and goes to the mansion along with Pyro and Mystique.
  • -          X-men figure out, with the help of the Stepford Cuckoos, how to track Jean, who has been blocking Cerebro, by tracking those who interact with her.
  • -          Fury gets to the mansion and demands to know what happened.
  • -          Professor tells Fury what happened and said it seemed as if the squad was using lethal force. He then excuses himself after seeing Magneto arrive.
  • -          Magneto asks the professor what happened/what went wrong, and the x-men are confused. Professor then explains what he did to Jean (putting the mental blocks on her powers) and he explains what Phoenix is.
  • -          Magneto and his posse join the x-men temporarily, and, using Cerebro, they search for the people interacting with Jean. They discover that Emma is with Jean, and professor explains his past with Emma (that she desires power above all else).
  • -          Emma takes Jean to the Hellfire Club and introduces her as the new black queen. The other members doubt her powers, which Emma makes Phoenix feel, and tells Phoenix to prove her power. Phoenix atomizes the entire group.
  • -          Emma and Phoenix leave the building and encounter the x-men and Fury. Professor tells Emma to stop what she’s doing, that she has no idea what she’s dealing with. Emma denies and taunts the team for a bit, particularly Rogue, telling her to go back to the trailer park. She turns to Fury and demands the government be turned over to her. Fury refuses and Emma tells Phoenix to deal with them.
  • -          Rogue, infuriated, asks for Kitty’s help, and sneaks up behind Emma, and uses her powers on her. Rogues says, “sorry sugah” in response to Emma’s patronizing. Emma calls out and Phoenix senses her pain.
  • -          Phoenix dispatches them, throwing Rogue off with tk, but does not kill. She teleports herself and Emma to San Francisco.
  • -          Emma tells Phoenix that they hate/fear her (because of all the newspapers reporting her antics) and says the entire city supported the use of the cure (since Worthington labs was headquartered in San Fran). Emma tells Phoenix to destroy the city as a lesson.
  • -          Phoenix ignores her and begins to thank Emma. Confused, Emma asks what she means and Phoenix says that because of her, Phoenix was allowed to be released and unchained and to indulge only in her desires. Phoenix says that as a reward, she will give Emma what she always wanted: absolute power. (Phoenix sensed her desires from the beginning)
  • -          Phoenix goes into Emma's mind and lets Emma experience the magnitude of Phoenix’s power. They start floating into the air. Her human mind, unable to comprehend and contain the entirety of it all, rendered brain dead. (copy dialogue from the comics when she does this to mastermind)
  • -          Halfway into the air above the city, Phoenix lets Emma’s body drop to the ground after she is brain dead. Phoenix is now Dark Phoenix and destroys all of San Fran, simply because she wants to. First showing of phoenix fire.
  • -          News reports start airing about San Fran’s destruction (including video that was taken moments before it was destroyed) and the x-men see it. They track Phoenix down using the combined efforts of Prof X and the Stepford Cuckoos. They manage to find her location and where she’s headed, and go to intercept her.
  • -          Phoenix lands in the front yard of Jean’s childhood home, and goes inside to find her parents and get some comfort. (Jean subtly and slightly pushed Dark Phoenix to come back here so that her rage could be assuaged and Jean could regain control, and also to get some comfort and safety)
  • -          She finds her dad inside and hugs him. He calls her a pet name that he never used and Dark Phoenix snaps back into control and sends him flying through the wall. Jean’s father morphs back into an unconscious Mystique. Dark Phoenix sense the x-men in the front yard and blows up the entire front of the house, sending debris all over the yard.
  • -          Dark Phoenix floats out into the yard and is attacked by the x-men, who plead for her to stop. Dark Phoenix shows contempt and easily blocks the attacks, and renders the x-men harmless. She screams the “hear me x-men…” line and flies off.
  • -          Back at the mansion, the x-men are attending to their wounds and talking about the events. They realize that Dark Phoenix could have easily killed them all, but didn’t. They deduce that Jean must be somewhat in control.
  • -          Dark Phoenix arrives at a S.H.I.E.L.D base and Fury and his team are monitoring it. Despite having huge reservations, Fury authorizes the start and use of the sentinel program. Trask is delighted and deploys three sentinels to deal with the Dark Phoenix.
  • -          Dark Phoenix is working her way into the center of the base, destroying it, and the soldiers who get in her path, as she goes along.
  • -          The sentinels arrive and deem Dark Phoenix a significant threat. They deploy missiles and lasers, which Dark Phoenix blocks. She destroys the sentinels with ease and finally reaches what she wanted: the stockpile of nuclear weapons.
  • -          The x-men arrive at the base in time to see Dark Phoenix launching the bombs into the atmosphere and spreading them around the world, planning to detonate them all at the same time and destroy humanity (she wants them to die by their own machinations).
  • -          They fight for a bit, but fail to do any real harm. Instead of fighting, they plead to Jean, telling her to have strength and take back her mind and body. Despite trying, Jean fails, and Dark Phoenix detonates all the bombs.
  • -          The shock and sorrow and worry of all her friends and the earth dying causes Jean to regain control and she uses her vast powers to contain the explosions and the radiation, saving the world. She then takes control of all the x-men there, except Cyclops who is immune (because of their psychic rapport).
  • -          She forces Colossus to hold Scott in place while she forces everyone else to stand still except Wolverine, who she makes approach her.
  • -          Jean has Storm electrocute her with lightning and Wolverine fatally stab her in order to save the world from herself. As Jean’s life ebbs away, she smiles peacefully. Everyone can move again when she dies
  • -          A few days later, everyone is still mourning, and the president gives a speech about the entire situation. He says he was on the side of mutant registration and control (cure use), but was visited by the Phoenix in his mind and she explained everything, and he is now for mutant understanding.
  • -          Scott is alone, sitting in the hallway, looking into the danger room. He hears Jean’s voice which tells him that it was all meant to happen this way, and she has a higher calling now. She tells him he’ll never be alone and she’ll always be watching.
  • -          Scott gets up and turns off the danger room and proceeds to go upstairs.
  • -          In a epilogue scene, the Stepford Cuckoos are shown in the rubble of San Fran, frantically digging. They slow and stop as they uncover Emma’s body in its diamond form. (this would be a post credit scene, if this were in film)

Friday, April 1, 2011


so it's april. time to blog everyday! let's hope i can make it! :)

btw, first story will be posted within a few days!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

thinking about doing beda!

the concept of this blog will make it difficult and stressful though. :\ it'll feel like nanowrimo! we'll see

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to the white hot room!

woohoo! first ever blog post. kind of exciting!

so the basic premise of this blog will be for me to post all my original stories and plot ideas for everyone to enjoy, or at least to keep myself organized. occasionally i might post some fanfiction (it will be good i promise!) but that will probably be a rare event.

anyway, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, because it's gonna be a wild one.